Monday 26 July 2021

Four cute wrecks under £120k

Things have been getting a little over-heated price-wise in the property market. And, I'll admit, I'm probably adding to that by showing you rather too many grand, lottery-win preferred, country homes. So this week I've set myself a target of picking projects in the £100k-ish price band.

Starting here. With this super-cute old-lady-gone house that is so completely time stopped it feels like a portal to a parallel past.

The end terrace is in pretty Morpeth, Northumberland, and comes with two bedrooms, a lovely and overgrown garden, and great views. 
It also has - clearly - plenty of original features that will need tackling, Such as the outside loo, no bathroom, and what looks like fairly ancient wiring.
But it's called Rose Cottage for goodness sake, and is 30 minutes drive from the Northumberland coast and ten minutes from its national park. 

On the market with a guide price of £110k, via Turvey Westgarth. Details and more pictures here and here.
While we're looking in that £100k price range, I thought I'd show you this property. A long way from grand country manor but wrapped around that un-pretty box is a lovely piece of garden and a great location.

It's the lodge house to Thirkleby Park, in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, a former country estate turned holiday park, and the one-bedroom property is Grade II listed. 
There's also a bathroom, kitchen and lounge with brick fireplace, and a detached garage and outbuildings. I'm rather in love with the windows.

On the market through Hunters at offers over £100k. Details and more pictures here.
And, for those of you thinking even £100k is bit rich, I've found you two adorable country chapels at under £40k. You're welcome.
This redundant Methodist chapel is one of several up for sale via agents Norman F Brown. The stone chapel sits in a lovely position facing onto Ravensworth's village green, North Yorkshire.

Basically, one big church hall with a porch and store and there's a LOT of work to do to turn this into a working home - starting with getting change-of-use permissions (it's a bargain for good reasons).

Ravensworth chapel does come with a decent plot of outside space - unusual in a chapel sale - although I'd be worried by those possible burial plots. Graves bring their own barrel of planning fun.
Best and final offers over £25k by August 2nd. Details and more pictures here and here.
Also on Norman F Brown's books is this chapel in Barden, near Leyburn.

Rather more inside space than its rival, this former chapel has a kitchen and a loo - which means water, drainage and electricity are connected - woohoo!

On the downside however, it has great views but no garden. Basically your usual country chapel with a bit of path and shrubbery separating you from the sheep.
Best and final offers over £37,500 by August 6th. Details and more pictures here and here.